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Visa Services

How To Apply For Your U.S. Visa

Indian citizens who wish to visit the USA temporarily must first obtain a visa. The Consular Section of the U.S. Consulate General in Kolkata reviews more than 20,000 applications for nonimmigrant visas every year. Nonimmigrant visa applicants are required to present sufficient documentation to demonstrate their economic and social ties to India. U.S. law presumes that anyone who applies for a nonimmigrant visa intends to remain in the USA permanently. If you are not able to overcome this assumption of U.S. law, then you will not be eligible to receive a visa.

It is important to note that the burden of proof is on the visa applicant. It is your responsibility to prove that you can pay for the trip and that you have social and economic ties to India that are strong enough to bring you back promptly. Documents that show your social and economic ties to India, the purpose of the trip, and arrangements to cover the cost of the trip will help you to prove your eligibility for a visa. It is not possible to specify the exact form such evidence should take since each applicant's circumstances are different. You must keep in mind that the interview will evaluate your credibility as well as the documentation you present.

                                    IMPORTANT NOTICE:

       * The Consulate has reevaluated its policies on disease prevention in light of the global H1N1 Influenza A virus outbreak and its subsequent confirmation in India along with threats from other diseases.  People who are sick with contagious illnesses can inadvertently infect others around them.  In the interest of all,
we have instituted the following policy with immediate effect:

If you are ill on the day of your appointment, please do not come in to the Consulate.  Send us an email at, and we will reschedule you for any other day with no additional fee once you are feeling better.

Applying for a Nonimmigrant visa

All nonimmigrant visa applicants must follow these steps in order to apply for a U.S. visa and to schedule a visa interview:

Step 1: Pay the Application Fee and VFS Service Charge at designated branch of a HDFC Bank before applying for a U.S. Visa. Please refer to the VFS website: for the list of designated branches of HDFC Bank and for the payment procedure.

Please present a photocopy of the 1st page of the applicant's passport when effecting payment of the above fees at a designated branch of the HDFC Bank.

Step 2: 48 hours (2 business days) after paying the fee login to the VFS Website: and click on the "Apply for a Nonimmigrant Visa" to schedule an appointment. You will need to use the barcode number from your HDFC Bank Fee Receipt in order to login.

Step 3: You will be required to complete Application Forms DS-156 and DS-157 (and DS-158, if applicable) online and print out the same.

Notice:  Starting January 19th, 2010, all nonimmigrant visa (NIV) applicants in India must use the new DS-160 web-based application. The DS-160 incorporates all existing NIV application forms (DS-156, 157, and 158) into one interactive, online form.

Step 4: Print out your appointment letter and DS 160 bar-coded confirmation sheet.

Step 5: Report at the U.S. Consulate on the day and time of your scheduled visa interview with the following documents:

  • DS 160 bar-coded confirmation sheet

  • Passport

  • HDFC Receipt
  • Photograph
  • VFS visa appointment letter
  • Other documents as needed(Petition/copy,I-20,DS-2019, etc.)
    Step 6: At the conclusion of your interview, if you are issued a visa, your passport will be returned to you via VFS.

                              Click here for the DS-160 web based application
  • Applicants can seek additional information/assistance at any U.S. Visa Application Centre located in 12 cities across India. Please login to the VFS Website: to locate a convenient U.S. Visa Application Centre.

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