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Apply for a Visa

NonImmigrant Visas

DS-160 Barcode

Example of a DS-160 Form and the barcode to print out.

Important Notice

Systems issues that have affected the Department of State’s ability to issue visas are being resolved; all applicants can schedule appointments as normal.

Visitors to the United States require nonimmigrant visas.  Before applying, know which type of visa suits your purpose of travel. If you plan to permanently relocate to the United States, please visit Immigrant Visas.

Visa Inquires

Our contractor now handles all telephone and email queries through their new multi-language call center. For information on how to contact them, please refer to:

How to Apply

 Make your appointment through website or by calling the call center. Create a user account and make TWO appointments; one for biometrics collection at an Offsite Facilitation Center (OFC) and another for visa interview at the Embassy or Consulate.

Carry with You to the Interview:

  • Your valid passport and previously issued passports
  • The DS-160 confirmation page with barcode
  • Appointment letter
  • H, L, and other petition-based visa applicants may bring copies of the I-797, I-129 and other petition-related documents
  • F, M students must bring the SEVIS receipt and I-20. 
  • J exchange visitors must bring the SEVIS receipt and DS-2019.
  • Science and technology applicants may require additional processing.  Bring supporting documents to minimize the processing time.

6. Due to security concerns and space limitations, U.S. consular sections do not permit interested parties such as friends, relatives, attorneys or business contacts to attend the visa interview with the applicant.

If an interested party wishes to provide information to a specific consular section concerning a particular visa applicant, they are encouraged to supply this information directly to the applicant. The applicant can then bring this information to the visa interview.

Delivery or Pick Up

Issued visas can be picked up at no extra charge at one of 33 document pick-up locations across India. Delivery can take up to seven business days but is normally much faster. 


·   See our YouTube video on the visa process here.

Interview Waiver Program

Visa Waiver Program

If you are not a citizen of India or Bhutan, and your country participates in the Visa Waiver Program (VWP), you may be exempt from the visa and interview requirement.

Interview Waivers

Certain applicants qualify for our interview waiver program. For details, please go to:

Family Travelling

  • Family Travel Families should apply together-- even if traveling separately!

Adobe Reader

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    Download Free

    All downloadable documents on this page are provided in PDF format.  To view PDFs you must have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.  You may download a free version by clicking the link above.